​​​​Acts 2:1
“In the last days, I will pour out  my spirit upon everyone. 
Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men
​will see visions, ​your old men will dream dreams."

Photo Gallery of Our Praise Worshipers 

Kidz Corner Bible Ministry

Kidz Corner

Ages 5-13


1st Lady Natashia Edwards

Proverbs 22:6

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

​Young Adults For Christ (Out Pour Student Ministry)

Age 15-24
Mount Church Youth Young Adults are a radical group of young adults on fire for our

Lord and Savior. We are Kingdom-minded and we look for ways to introduce people to Christ.

We also connect with other ministries and partner on events and programs.

We are open to Godly out-of-the-box ways to win Souls for Christ. We have Christian Rap Night, ​Poetry Night and Worship Night.  At The Out Pour Student Ministry, we find fun interactive ways to teach the ​bible to our young adults. This student ministry is open to everyone. 

All invitations for our Youth-Young Adults Ministry or if you have any questions: Call 919-295-6177/ or mountchurch@yahoo.com

Kidz' Corner Ministry is coordinated by First Lady Natashia Edwards.  
She has a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Studies. She researches fun, age-appropriate crafts and activities for the children
​to aide them in learning bible lessons. She uses "Calvary Curriculum"  to help guide the subjects that are discussed in
​our children's ministry. 
​This is so they can be equipped for the issues children face at their age.  Attendees also learn to apply bible lessons while at school with peers, playing sports or even at home.

Mount Church Worship Dancers

Mount Church Worship Dancers are anointed dancers, who are called to winning 
souls and to introduce people to our Lord and Savior through dance, interpretation,
​and drama.

Mount Church Worship Dancers are members at the Mount Church.
​The team will also travel to other congregations when requested for celebrations,
​anniversaries, and special events.

To book, please email the Dance Director: 919-295-6177  mountchurch@yahoo.com